About Us

Project Change, Inc., is a Florida based 501(c)(3) organization.

Our charity is unique in that we launch new projects and support programs that are dedicated to building orphanages, schools, and rehabilitation centers.  Project Change recognizes that in general people want to help, donate, and participate in change; however their biggest obstacle is often feeling overwhelmed by the general need and not knowing where to begin their journey of giving.

At Project Change our donors have the option of diversifying their participation and gifts. Whether it is building a home for children with disabilities, creating a curriculum for a new school, or designing a rehabilitation center for children to recover from traumatic events, there will be many options.  All of our programs and projects are designed to create stable, loving and nurturing environments where children can feel empowered and actively participate in the transformation of their own lives.  Most importantly, we do the research and qualify the projects to ensure your gift goes where you have intended for it go.  We monitor the success and provide weekly updates on the progress of the project.


Project Change was born many years ago in the heart of 6 year old girl.  Growing up in South Africa, seeing children beg on every street corner, never desensitized Cheryl-Dene to the suffering many children experienced daily.  Their stories of struggle, discrimination, abuse and pain continued to haunt her throughout her life.  After several years of practicing as an attorney, Cheryl-Dene decided to launch this organization to help facilitate change in the heart of Africa and poor regions across the globe.  Her passion is to take what appears to be a daunting problem and create small opportunities of solutions.

President/Founder Cheryl-Dene Spring

Cheryl-Dene is an attorney, entrepreneur, business owner and philanthropist in  Florida, U.S.A.  Born and raised in South Africa, Cheryl-Dene came to the U.S. at the age of 18 with a keen passion and determination for success.  Prior to her journey to America, Cheryl-Dene spent several years in an orphanage and group home for children located in Pretoria.  It is here that she decided to dedicate her life to children placed in similar orphanages.  In 2015 she founded Project Change – a grassroots organization dedicated to woman and children who are victims of war and physical/sexual abuse.  Some of the subtle but imperative changes she has implemented are ensuring siblings are not separated; changing the names of orphanages to names that inspire, and ensuring every child has access to education and clean water.   Cheryl-Dene continues to draw on her own life experiences to inspire lasting and sustainable changes.


Vice President/Board Member Anne Reinstein

Anne Reinstein, CPA, is a tax accountant in private practice in the South Florida area since 2000. Through her travels to third world countries, she has become an advocate for charitable causes that benefit children in the community and abroad. In addition to her support to local charities and working as an animal advocate, she has spent time in India volunteering as an English educator and sponsors a children’s orphanage in her native Peru.

Secretary/Board Member Dorian

Dorian was born and raised in JNB, South Africa. She began a professional career within the hospitality industry in 1983 and has since held positions in both the Indian and Caribbean Oceans. In 2000, Dorian moved to the United States, and has spent the last 16 years helping with various charities, volunteering at a safe shelter, and looking for a niche to give back. Dorian has always had a passion and willingness to help those less fortunate whether it be animals or humans. Her determination and commitment are just two of the many attributes she brings to Project Change.











Director of Education Carmela Sanchez

Carmela Sanchez brings over 20 years of education experience to Project Change. Known in the community for her outgoing personality, ability to connect with her students, and teaching ability, Ms. Carmela continues to raise the bar in the educational arena. Graduating from Nova Southeastern University with her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, she went on to receive her Directors Credentials and Certification in Special Needs. Ms. Carmela designed a curriculum used by Project Change to help teachers in developing countries teach literacy, math and science by using their limited resources. By incorporating a Montessori approach in the third-world classroom the students help teach and continue to be challenged daily. Ms. Carmela continues to utilize her education and experience to make a difference in lives of many.

African Ambassador       Alex John

Alex John was born and raised in Arusha, Tanzania, to a mother who faced many financial and social difficulties, due to her husband’s desertion.  His father was the main bread winner, so after his departure the family fell on very hard times.  Alex had to quit school at a very young age to begin his new life’s journey – a mountain porter for Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.  He was just 17, but this was his only way to support himself and his mother. After two years of being a porter, Alex saved enough money to enroll in his first ‘Tour Guide Class’, and after another 2 years he became an assistant guide on the Mountain.  In 2006, he had a chance meeting with  Anne Reinstein, who was so impressed with him that she sponsored him to take his higher outdoor leadership and wildlife management course at Mweka College (CAWM) and later in Sweden to further his studies. Not only is Alex now a mountain and safari guide in East Africa, but he is also Vice Chairman of the Kilimanjaro Guides Association, which ensure the mountain guides and porters have rights. Alex has also always volunteered his time, spending it with orphans, helping them with the little things they need, and sharing his food with street children of Arusha and Moshi, the town he spent so much time in.  Alex has always dreamed of providing assistance to the kids in communities that he grew up in, and has now joined Project Change as our African Ambassador spreading the word globally.


Photograph Lauren Britz

Lauren Britz is a South African born American. She grew up in beautiful South Africa, lived in the UK and eventually settled in South Florida, USA at the age of 25. She has a degree in Professional Photography and Media Studies and a background in Photojournalism.

Lauren owns Lauren Britz Photography, focussing mainly on commercial photography, as well as Through Open Eyes, an ongoing documentary photography project that documents her adventures around the world. She also owns Fat Goat Production, who curate and sell the beautiful work of South African Artists and has also spent 7 years teaching Photography to high schoolers at a prep school in Delray Beach, Fl.

Lauren deals in the art of essence. She strives to capture the very essence of her subjects, whatever and whoever they may be. She makes invisible energy come to life. With many years of experience, Lauren has developed the unique skill of seeing beyond the flesh and matter, creeping into the energy of her subjects.

“Capturing images is not just a click of the button, it is a collection of

elements that create a magical moment in time… a beautiful frozen memory, even the difficult ones.” ~ Lauren Britz