Smile Africa Orphanage & School

With the help of our Sponsors, Donors, and Volunteers, as well as the wonderful Management Team of Project Change, we have been able to Build an Orphanage and School for the children of Senyange Village in Uganda.
For so many little ones, this school has been a refuge providing their only meal they will receive for the entire day, and unfortunately there are still so many who will not receive a meal at all outside of these walls.
We currently have over 50 little children ranging from age 1 – 14 years old at the orphanage, and have 200 children attending our school.
Our goal was to build a school that could educate 300 children, and to house 100 children in the orphanage. These Children are among some of the most vulnerable – no parents and nowhere to go. Please help us on our journey to grow our school, until we are able to save all the children in Uganda.
How you help us make a change – Classrooms being built, Desks, and Building supplies.
The satisfaction you get, is when you see a child being educated and saved, and your name appear, as a rescuer on an item built and painted by our wonderful teachers.
How you help us make a change – School Supplies, Teaching Materials, Laptops, We thank you for helping us educate these children. Their futures are bright because of our Sponsors, and Donors, and we urge all to continue, more and more children are saved, and educated daily with your support.
We have to ensure our children eat, therefore we ensure to build foundations where it is possible for the school to sustain themselves over time, with some bare essentials like eggs and vegetables.
Thanks to our Sponsors, our children can play, still a long way to go, but this is something free to children in most Countries, every child deserves a playground.
Christmas is important in the heart of all children. Every year Project Change ensures that every little child smiles brightly, thanking our sponsors and donors who ship boxes with surprises to our children, as well as the Street Children of Kampala. Want to sponsor a child – contact us today.
What else can you do? Can we do?
So much is involved with running and maintaining an Orphanage, and a School. Children need beds, medicine, protection from malaria mosquitos, blankets, clothing, the lists are endless. We appreciate your support, and ensure that your funds go on what is needed the most to protect these children from all the negative elements life can throw at them.
Why do we build orphanages?
Because of stories like these. The twins lost their mommy while she was giving birth. An aunt started taking care of them but due to her inability to feed them she left them in one of the unfinished classrooms and ran away. Despite having only four rooms and stressed resources, turning them away is not an option. The children are willing to share the little they have and we will do whatever it takes. Join us in making a difference.
The huge impact you make….
In 2016; after we left Uganda, Project Change was alerted that three girls needed to be rescued from early marriage, rape, and fleeing war persecution in Northern Uganda.
Our project manager, Robert Katende, embarked on a rescue mission and a one-way 20 hour journey to bring them home to Smile Africa. Soon after, we get a call saying…”we got good news…we got the girls but we brought back seven and we will need to go back for more”. That’s how dire the situation was for them. Many were left crying begging for a chance to be rescued. These kids, as young as five, six years old, had to work for food.
In the end, we took in eleven kids. The top picture has some of the kids that were rescued on the first trip…the second picture is them today. Can you spot the difference between both pictures??