The 4-day Inka Trail route is the most popular route trekked by hundreds of visitors and tourists each day. This beautiful trail starts at the 82 km point along the railroad from Cusco. From there you will hike through many of the Inka ruins including Runcuracay, Sayacmarca, huyupatamarca, Wiay Wayna and of course Machu Picchu. At its highest point the Classic Inka Trail ascends to 4,226 meters (13,866 feet). You will be embarking on this magical journey and a trip of a lifetime with the fulfilment of a personal ambition. The feeling is even better knowing that your climbing adventure will create a life-changing event for many of the women and children in our projects.
Trip Itinerary
When: May 2nd – May 8th, 2020
Location: Inka Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru
Minimum Fundraising:
Total Cost: All fees for the climb must be paid in full by December 31, 2019 to guarantee a
climbing date for May 2020. The maximum group size is limited to 10 people.
Climbing Costs:
May 2nd – Transport from Airport Cusco to Hotel Cusco Plaza Nazarenas – $5.00 per person, $50.00 per group.
May 2nd – 4th – 2 Night Stay at Hotel Cusco Plaza Nazarenas – $90.00 per person, $900.00 per group.
May 3rd – City Tour – $50.00 per person, $500.00 per group.
May 4th – 7th – Inca Trail 4 Days / 3 Nights (all included) – $850.00 per person, $8,500.00 per group.
May 8th – Transport from Hotel Cusco Plaza Nazarenas to Airport Cusco – $5.00 per person, $50.00 per group.


Additional fees will be incurred for flight to Lima, Peru, internal flight to Cusco, sightseeing, meals outside the Inka Trail period, and tips for guides and porters.


Hire a porter: Hiring a porter will make your trek more enjoyable, giving you time to enjoy the scenery rather than focusing on the weight you are carrying! You’ll also be giving employment to people who really want and need to work. Please calculate a generous tip for your porter!


(Fees are non-transferable or refundable. Fees from a cancelled participation will be treated as a donation to Project Change).


You must be 18 and over to register for this event.
Inka Trail to Machu Picchu
Hiking Distances & Elevations


Day 1 – Cuzco to Pisonay
Maximum altitude: 2954m / 9694ft
Minimum Altitude: 2670m / 8761ft
Distance Travelled: 10.89km / 6.77ml
Approximate Walking Time: 5 hours


Day 2 – Wayllabamba to Pacamayo
Maximum Altitude: 4226m / 13866ft
Minimum Altitude: 2954m / 9694ft
Distance Travelled: 7.10km / 4.40ml
Approximate Walking Time: 5.30 hours


Day 3 – Pacamayo to Wiñay Wayna
Start Height: 3627 masl / 11900 ft.
Max Height: 3974 masl / 13030 ft.
Approximate Walking time: 8 to 9 hrs
Day Distance: 11 km / 7 ml


Day 4 – Wiñay Wayna to Machu Picchu
Start Height: 3688 masl / 12100 ft.
Max Height: 3688 masl / 12100 ft.
Approximate Walking time: 4:30 hrs
Day Distance: 7.29km / 4.53 ml
What To Bring


The key to packing for a trip to Peru is to pack for a variety of conditions while keeping the weight to a minimum. Easier said than done when you have to deal with the intense heat of the equatorial sun and the cold mountain nights spent camping on the Inka Trail. The best way to deal with these extremes is to dress using several layers rather than one thick sweater. If you forget something, don’t despair since most things can be bought in most Peruvian cities frequently visited by tourists including excellent and cheap alpaca sweaters.


Suggested Inka Trail Packing List


01. Backpack (65 litres should be quite sufficient).
02. Comfortable walking boots with good ankle support.
03. Sleeping bag (can be rented in Cusco).
04. Clothes
-2 pairs long trousers (lightweight)
-2 T-shirts
-1 short-sleeved shirt
-1 long-sleeved shirt
-1 pair shorts
-Underwear and socks (thermal underwear is highly recommended, being light, warm and makes good nightwear on cold nights).
05. Fleece jacket.
06. Rain jacket or poncho.
07. Hat or cap to protect from the sun.
08. Toiletries: soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and toilet paper, etc..
09. Sun cream, lip salve, sun glasses.
10. Flashlight.
11. Basic first aid kit.
12. Insect repellent.
13. Money belt + passport + emergency money.
14. Camera + film (film can easily be bought in Peru and is of excellent quality).
15. Water bottle (mineral water can be bought throughout Peru).
16. Water purification tablets (Micropur tablets can be bought in Cusco and are very efficient).
For any additional information, please contact Anne Reinstein via email at [email protected]