“I have a dream” Project

“I have a dream” Project

Project Change is collaborating with Friends of Street Kids and Orphans Foundation (FOSKOF), to help build a facility in Kampala rescuing street children from the slums. In Uganda, a majority of children grow up in the slums or on the streets as orphans, some as young as two years old. Uganda has no government infrastructure or program to help care for these abandoned children. Instead local church members try to help, despite their limited resources and one of the biggest challenges facing street children are the unjustifiable arrests and detentions by local police officers, which often result in severe beatings and sexual assaults. Due to the overwhelming demand, Friends of Street Children "FOSKOF", in cooperation with local churches, have set out to build a community center to serve as a permanent solution for removing these children from the streets.
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The center will provide the following: A children’s home for boarding students and short-term care for children in transition from the streets to long-term foster care. Primary and secondary classes which will offer 1200 children an opportunity to receive quality education. Technical school, teaching most technical courses, as well as business and entrepreneur classes.
A Community Centre will open daily and will offer continuing education for adults and specialized children’s activities. This community center will provide abandoned and street children a fighting chance to reach their full potential without having to deal with fear, hunger, sexual exploitation, detention and beatings by the police. The center will rehabilitate the children and reunite them with family, provide a safe and secure, supportive environment that develops each child’s physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual needs.
The center will be run by Kevin Mwanje, founder of FOSKOF, who himself grew up in the slums of Kampala as a beggar. Kevin endured the systematic and unjustified detentions by the local police which always resulted in severe beatings and lashes for begging and sleeping on the street. Kevin decided that he would dedicate his life to help fight, save and protect as many children as possible from the life in the slums. Friends of Street Kids and Orphans Foundation was subsequently born and is based out of the Netherlands. They conduct weekly outreach where they provide the only meal the children will eat for the week, counseling, education and medical attention. Unfortunately, this is not enough. Once the children return to the street they are left to fend for themselves. They are subjected to abuse, sexual exploitation and malnutrition. In order to break the cycle of poverty we have to remove them from the streets.  It is for these reasons that Project Change has undertaken this project.

For more information of the project go to http://www.friendsofstreetkids.org/

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