Smile Africa Orphanage & School

Smile Africa Orphanage & School

Help us raise funds to build an orphanage and new school located onsite for the children of Senyange village, Uganda. For many the school has been a refuge, providing the only meal they will receive for the day. At night the school transforms into a small orphanage for about 45 children. Unfortunately many children are turned away because of limited space. The new school will make room for 300 students and the orphanage for over a 100 children.
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Smile Africa Orphanage is a school and orphanage nestled in the heart of Uganda in rural and poor Senyange village.  The school is a refuge for many children orphaned and living on the streets, as young as three.  For most the school provides the only meal they will receive for the day which is why the children will trek for miles to get to school.  Currently the orphanage is renting space and has only 4 beds and small room for 15 orphans to share, turning away many in need for shelter. The funds raised will help build a new school on land recently purchased with 10 classrooms and a house for the orphans with sufficient beds and bathrooms.   By purchasing the adjacent piece of land the children has space to play soccer and the  school can farm to help with daily feeding and simultaneously provide agricultural training to the students.  Lastly, the funds will help purchase a van and bicycles to provide transportation to the young ones walking miles to get to school every day.


Smile Africa Orphanage was able to raise enough funds to purchase land and construct the first classroom. The funds raised through Project Change will build the remaining 9 classrooms and the orphanage consisting of a house with several rooms and bathrooms. The remaining funds will purchase the adjoining parcel of land which will be used for agricultural training and harvesting; a Minivan to assist with the transportation for those younger children walking for miles to get to school; and  bedding and school benches.

As a condition for sponsorship,  Smile Africa Orphanage will incorporate into their curriculum the following programs: 1) Education and protection of girls subject to Female Genital Mutilation; and 2) The protection of woman and children against physical and sexual violence.


Feel free to post or email any questions you have regarding the project.  We welcome your inquiries!

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